Types of Media

In mass communications, media are basically the communication tools or media used to transmit and store data or information. The word refers generally to the components of this large mass media communication industries, including print media, broadcasting, television, movies, music, films, and publishing. Different forms of media include performance media like books, periodicals, videos, computer software, sound, lighting, video games, and animation. The other components of this mass media include distribution, promotion, public relations, advertising, entertainment, retail, and sales. Although the term ‘media’ can be used in several different contexts, it is commonly used to refer to all three components.

Distribution is the process by which media are distributed. Examples of distribution include televised broadcasting and print media. Public relations refers to the promotional activities undertaken by media personnel to promote a product, service, or event. Advertising refers to the promotion of products and services by way of print, radio, and television. Entertainment is used to promote events, products, and services.

A newspaper, periodical, book, and video or DVD news source comprises a distribution system. Television broadcasts news and current affairs, often in a variety of formats, while radio provides music and entertainment, and movies provide motion pictures and television programs. Books and periodicals constitute a distribution system for books and publications.

A number of countries and some organizations have their own dedicated or common media. Some examples include the Broadcasting Corporation of America (CBS), the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CPB), the BBC World Service, and the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (JBBC). Broadcast media are characterized by broad appeal across the audience. They tend to stay on the air for a long time because they generate large amounts of audience response. News sources on the other hand, are intended to meet the needs of a limited audience. Their broadcast schedule is usually very short and usually they are not broadcast over the Internet or on television.

Both print and broadcast media have distinctive features. Print media are distributed by newspapers and periodicals while radio and television networks either offer the service directly or through unaffiliated entities. Print media can be classified into several types: community newspapers, weeklies, magazines, and other newspapers catering specifically to a particular community or geographic area. These types of media often provide local information that is not available otherwise.

Broadcast media, on the other hand, are much broader and covers a large number of subjects. Broadcast news consists of a number of television networks like CCTV Japan, TV networks, radio stations, cable networks, as well as live streaming TV. Some countries utilize both print and broadcast media to provide a wide range of information to their citizens.

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