Types of Mass Media

In mass communication, media are usually the main communication tools or means used to transmit and store data or information. The word media generally refers to units of the mass communication communications industry, including print media, broadcasting, films, television, music, publishing, and the Internet. The mass media generally refers to any one medium used by the various media organizations to transmit and store information or data, and it therefore includes radio, television, film, and the Internet. It also means any tangible material made up of these media that are capable of being transmitted and stored for the purpose of communication.

The world of media today has changed dramatically and has developed new tools that serve various purposes. For example, books, periodicals, films, television programs, audio and video recordings, photographic images, and online articles are considered as the mass media. The public relations specialists and consultants in the field of mass communications can be grouped together under the term media. They have to develop ways to distribute the different types of media to the public, and they have to cater to the different needs of the public through a variety of different mass media.

The major units of media are: broadcasting, films and television, magazines, and newspapers. All the different kinds of media outlets have their own specific areas of specialization. Broadly, the most popular types of media are: television shows, music videos, movies, photography, multimedia products, printed books, radio and other audio and visual media.

Television – one of the major categories of mass media. It is mainly used for entertainment and news purposes. Broad categories of television include: reality shows, kids’ shows, movie marathons, game shows, morning news, variety, long distance broadcasting, late night, sports, and news. Almost all the major network channels are run by cable or satellite companies. There are also a great number of websites that broadcast television worldwide.

Music Video and Movies – this type of media features animated movies or music videos. The videos are produced by the artists or bands and are used as promotion tools or to make their album known. These videos are an important part of the advertising tool. In the plural form, music videos are also referred to as musical documentaries.

Print Media – this is the oldest form of mass communication. The aim of print media was to promote stories, views and events through the medium of newspapers, magazines and books. This medium of communication gradually replaced the other media. It is now widely used for disseminating information and disseminating services and products. The main function of print media is to publish content for a wide audience. The main source of the content of the print media is newspapers, magazines and books.

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