The Rise Of Live Entertainment

Entertaining is a broad form of social activity which holds the attention of an audience or provides pleasure and excitement to those who are listening or watching. Entertaining can be a creative idea or an objective task, however is most often more likely to be a one-time activity or event, developed over centuries specifically for the sole purpose of maintaining an entertained audience’s interest. Entertainers are categorized according to the events they entertain. There are Entertainers such as actors and actresses, musicians, comedians, and television personalities just to name a few.

Many people are unaware that the entertainment industry is one of the oldest and has been thriving in one form or another since the start of human entertainment. In recent years many circus performers have fallen ill or even died under suspicious circumstances. The death of Ringling Brothers circus performer David Copperfield in 2021 at age 53 brought the curtain down on another long standing circus tradition and forever closed the door on circus amusement parks. Though death is hard to avoid in the circus business, the spectre of injury keeps alive the tradition of acrobatics and gymnastics performed by professional circus performers throughout the world. The acrobats and tumblers that form part of the entertainment industry are a precious part of our culture that is often under-celebrated in spite of their importance.

The dawn of new media has also brought a new form of live entertainment and that is virtual reality entertainment. This exciting new medium of entertainment is taking over the major motion pictures and singing and dancing showbiz of yesteryear with a flashy modern spin. The advent of new media and new technologies have created a new type of live entertainment that is not only popular with contemporary audiences but is quickly gaining popularity with older generations as well. This emerging medium of entertainment includes the rise of interactive reality shows and video games that are becoming as large a part of mainstream entertainment as live stage shows and dancing. The rise in video gaming means that families can now enjoy themselves more than ever before even on the move, as they can now take their favorite vacations to distant lands with the click of a button and never miss a beat of their favorite stars.

The advent of new mass media entertainment such as television has opened up a flood of opportunities for those who are talented in the performing arts. The performing arts, such as the performing arts and theatrical arts have always been more popular in wealthier neighborhoods and by higher income brackets than other forms of entertainment. The inclusion of music as an element of modern entertainment has meant that people with different musical tastes can find common ground. This is one reason why the mass media seems more interested in the lives of celebrities and sports stars than the lives of real people with unique hobbies and talents.

The rise of the internet has also played a large part in the explosion of opportunities for those who shine in the performing arts and the entertainment industry. The ability to upload videos to YouTube and MySpace allows for endless opportunities for the public to see these talented people up close and personal. This is not only a way for them to make friends, it’s also a great way for those who love the circus to get in touch with one another. The internet allows those who are passionate about circus acts and live performances to connect with others who share the same passion.

Although there has always been an interest in circus acts, the invention of new media has broadened the horizons of opportunity for those looking to pursue this form of entertainment. The invention of comic clubs and live comedy clubs allow those who enjoy the finer things in life to experience them up close and personal. The invention of circus tents allows for comedy acts and acrobats to perform before an audience at these comedy clubs. The rise of internet based entertainment means that the people who create it and the people who enjoy it have expanded the boundaries of live entertainment forever.

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