Entertainers in the Mass Media Entertainment Industry

Entertaining is a general term that describes any activity that lends entertainment and enjoyment to an audience. It could be an art or a piece of literature, but most frequently is more often than not one of those activities or events which has developed over hundreds of thousands of years specifically with the intention of retaining the interest and attention of an audience. Entertainers today exist in almost every sector of human interaction and the entertainment industry is no exception.

Entertaining is not a single activity or show but rather a collective act performed by an ensemble. There are several types of Entertainers such as actors, musicians, comedians, authors, dancers, models, podcasters, and visual artists. The common denominator of all Entertainers however is the common objective of Entice and entertain. How does Entertainers do this? Through their talents, their skills, their presence, and above all, their presence of mind! All Entertainers have their own particular strengths and weaknesses; each artist in turn has the ability to perfect their strengths and use them to their utmost advantage while using their weaknesses to give them unique entertainment and amusement.

The word entertainment is derived from the Latin verb expurgatur which means to expose or expurgate. The root word of the word is “entra” which means “being exposed.” Entertainment, therefore, is basically the exposing of one’s self, one’s talents, one’s ideas, or one’s passions to the world. And so, the next time you hear the term, whether it is in the context of entertainment, sports, politics, education, art, religion, film, television, literature, or any other sphere of human interaction, you will see entertainments everywhere!

Entertainers in the major sectors of the entertainment industry are Actors, Authors, Actresses, Composers, Dancers, Fashion designers, Musicians, TV and film producers, Video game designers, Film directors, actors, and actresses. In the world of entertainment as it exists today, the term Entertainer means different things to different people. In other words, the definition of Entertainer could encompass all of these different aspects. However, for the purposes of our article, we will limit our discussion to the more common definitions that have been mentioned. The reason we chose this limited list is because as we talk about the various aspects of entertainment, we run into quite a lot of vague descriptions that we cannot easily pin down, and Entertainer is one such word.

One of the more common forms of Entertainement is comedy, or more specifically, stand-up comedy. The entertainment value of stand-up comedy is often lost in its relative lack of commercial value, and some (most notably the British film industry) consider it to be of low value. But, in America, where stand-up comedy is a hugely popular form of entertainment, the benefits of being involved with this type of comedy are numerous.

One of the more obscure but still highly entertaining types of Entertainement is theatre. Theatre includes a great number of artistic forms, including opera, ballet, dramatic acting, music theatre, comedy, and other types of performing arts. Another form of Entertaining that has recently experienced a rise in popularity is Internet entertainment. One of the first web sites to incorporate dancing was the ancient dancing website Dancebase, which went on to revolutionize the way we view dance through the use of video. The impact of such Entertainer websites like YouTube and Metacafe on the mass media entertainment industry cannot be overlooked.

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